Mallorca in 4K (DJI Phantom 3 Professional)

I managed to capture these majestic drone shots on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca. I have been to the island several times before since 2003 but the last time was 4 years back in 2012 so had to refresh my memory on locations. It’s worth mentioning that on week 1 of my 2 week duration I was ill with Tonsillitis, so I abandoned my original plans of scaling Mallorca’s highest peaks. Still what I managed to capture is a good compromise.

The fact I was there in late June was great timing as it meant before the School holidays (less screaming kids). July and August were predicted to be 20% more tourists as less people are choosing Turkey as a destination this year. Early mornings and late midweek evenings proved advantageous for filming.

The drone of choice was the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, with 3 batteries and the 6-pack ND filter set from Polar Pro. One battery died on me during the filming, but it was playing up in Austria back in May, so this was kind’ve expected. Unfortunately it falls outside the 6 month warranty, I managed roughly 35 flights from it. Looking to upgrade and secure a Phantom 4 soon as a replacement system.

The Time-Lapse at the end was created in Adobe After-Effects and shot on the Nikon D5300 with an 11-16mm DX II Lens.

Drone Settings (All Clips):

Colour Profile : D-Log
White Balance : Auto
Shooting Mode : NTSC, 4K @ 30 FPS
ND Filters : PolarPro Professional Series – ND8, ND16-PL, ND16, ND32
ISO : 100
Shutter : 60

Nikon DSLR Time-Lapse Settings :

Built In Intervelometer Settings : 1 Shot every 10 seconds, 300 Shots Total
Noise Reduction : Off
Shooting Mode : RAW-12-Bit
White Balance : Custom
Colour Profile : 
Lens : Tokina 11-16mm DX II @ 11mm
Focus Mode : Manuel – Set to Infinity
Aperture : f/22
Shutter :
Filters :

 Mallorca Film Locations

All my Gear :

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