Man And Drone – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section at Man And Drone.

Q: Can I use some of your footage for our music video / trailer / TV documentary?

A: Yes by purchasing a license from Man And Drone. Please Contact me via e-mail with your full requirements for a detailed quotation.

Q: Hi can I use your video for my YouTube Channel and give you full links / credit?

A: Only if it’s for non-commercial means. Any unauthorised downloading and re-uploading of my material will result in a copyright strike against you, which will in turn affect the credibility and ranking of your channel. Monetising YouTube videos counts as ‘commercial’ therefore you require a license, thanks for understanding.

Q: I am a music composer and would like to use some of your drone footage for a music video in return I can let you use some of my music for your productions.

A: Thanks for the kind offer, currently I’m not doing any collaborations but will definitely keep you in mind for any future projects that we could both benefit from.

Q: Dear Man And Drone we are a YouTube Partnership Programme and are really interested in your videos and think you would benefit from having us as a partner in order to get more views & subscribers for your videos. 

A: Thanks but I’m currently not interested to any YouTube Partnership programmes.

Q: Dear Man and Drone we really like your videos, we’re a non-profit organisation and wish to use some of your videos for our projects is this possible?

A: For non-profit organisations you can use the videos no problem.

Q: Hi Man And Drone would you be interested in reviewing one of our products on your YouTube channel? 

A: I’m currently not doing product reviews, thank you.

Q: What drone do you use?

A: You can see every single piece of equipment I own or have owned here :

Q: Are you or any of your equipment available for hire?

A: Only as wet hire for aerial or time-lapse work only. I do not lease my equipment out.

Q: Where Do you get your music from?

A: In the past MusicBed with other sources being PremiumBeat and Epidemic sound.

Last Updated on 21/09/2021 : Additional FAQ may be added over time.