Man And Drone – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section at Man And Drone.

Q: Can I use your footage for my music video / trailer / TV advert?

A: Yes by purchasing a license from Man And Drone. Please Contact me via e-mail with your full requirements for a detailed quotation.

Q: Hi there, I work for a Cable TV Channel over here in.. Canada / Germany etc… Can we broadcast your videos on our cable TV channel and give you full credits?

A: Only by purchasing a license.  Let’s Talk.  

Q: Hi Can I use your video for my YouTube Channel and give you full links / credit?

A: No, it is strictly copyrighted. Any unauthorised downloading and re-uploading of my material will result in a copyright strike against you, which will in turn affect the credibility and ranking of your channel. Licenses start at $250 USD and increase depending on size of channel.

Q: I am a music composer and would like to use some of your drone footage for a music video, I can’t pay at the moment but would be able to offer the use of my tracks for any of your future videos.

A: Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I already have a subscription service at who meet all of my current musical needs.  Please Contact Me for more information and I’d be happy to work something out with you for a fair price.

Q: Dear Man And Drone we are a YouTube Partnership Programme and are really interested in your videos and think you would benefit from having us as a partner in order to get more views & subscribers for your videos. 

A: Thanks but I’m currently not interested to any YouTube Partnership programmes.

Q: Dear Man and Drone your videos are really amazing, we’re a non-profit organisation and wish to use some of your videos for our projects…

A: Anyone whether it’s non-profit, commercial, personal or religious purposes has to pay a licensing fee. The absolute minimum is $250 USD and increases depending on use case. All my work is the result of a lot of Time, Blood, Sweat, Guts, Money & Knowledge. To assume I will give footage away for free is pretty short-sighted so please don’t ask. AFAIK no-one else is doing what I do as thoroughly & to the same standard. The only exceptions are for academic pupils for work such as school projects, for which you should still seek permission.

Q: Hi Man And Drone would you be interested in reviewing one of our products on your YouTube channel? In return we can let you keep said product.

A: Thanks for the offer, my channel is high-end drone specific only, so it has to qualify for that genre. If it qualifies I will get back to you in due course depending on how interested and busy I am.

Q: Hi Man And Drone this is Mungo from the Amazingly Awesome Adventure Facebook Page we really like your videos. Can we have permission to edit and use them for our Social Media Accounts with an outreach of 100 Million Fans? We can link back to your social medias.

A: Hi Mungo thanks for your enquiry.. For $250 USD per video you can have a non-exclusive social media only license, other than that I’m not interested thanks.

Q: What drone do you use?

A: You can see every single piece of equipment I own here :

Q: Are you or any of your equipment available for hire?

A: Only as wet hire for aerial or time-lapse work only, any genre. I do not lease my equipment out.

Q: Where Do you get your music from?

A: The majority of my music is licensed through MusicBed other sources have been PremiumBeat and Epidemic sound.

Q: How do you achieve that logo effect on your videos?

A: I will create tutorials on all aspects of my work, these are slowly being released over the coming years. Always check the Tutorial Playlist on my YouTube channel to see the latest tutorial.

Q: Will you ever do a start to finish tutorial on how you edit your videos?

A: Yes this will actually be released in a course coming soon in 2020. ‘Learn More

Last Updated on 02/02/2020 : Additional FAQ will be added over time.