Man And Drone – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section at Man And Drone.

Q: Can I use your footage for my music video / trailer / TV advert?

A: Yes by purchasing a license from Man And Drone. Please Contact me via e-mail with your full requirements for a detailed quotation.

Q: Hi there, I work for a Cable TV Channel over here in.. Canada / Germany etc… Can we broadcast your videos on our cable TV channel and give you full credits?

A: No sorry, My Youtube channel, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram will be the only main broadcast mediums for Man And Drone. Any unauthorised use of my work will be dealt with accordingly via international copyright laws. If however you want to pay for a license to fund more Man And Drone epic travel work then Let’s Talk.

Q: Hi Can I use your video for my YouTube Channel and give you full links / credit?

A: No, it is strictly copyrighted. Any unauthorised downloading and re-uploading of my material will result in a copyright strike against you, which will in turn affect the credibility and ranking of your channel. Licenses start at $200 and increase depending on size of channel.

Q: Dear Man And Drone we are a YouTube Partnership Programme and are really interested in your videos and think you would benefit from having us as a partner in order to get more views & subscribers for your videos. We’d be happy to discuss a potential partnership and how we could help support you and advise on technology and content creating.

A: Thanks but I’m currently not interested to any YouTube Partnership programmes.

Q: Hi Man And Drone would you be interested in reviewing one of our products on your YouTube channel? In return we can let you keep said product.

A: Thanks for the offer, my channel is drone specific only so it has to qualify for that genre. If it qualifies I will get back to you in due course depending on how interested and busy I am.

Q: What drone do you use?

A: You can see every single piece of equipment I own here :

Q: Are you or any of your equipment available for hire?

A: Only as wet hire for aerial or time-lapse work only, any genre. I do not lease my equipment out.

Q: How do you achieve that logo effect on your videos?

A: I will create tutorials on all aspects of my work, these are slowly being released over the coming years. Always check the Tutorial Playlist on my YouTube channel to see the latest tutorial.

Q: Will you ever do a start to finish tutorial on how you edit your videos?

A: Yes in due course, hopefully Q3-Q4 2018 with lots of other tutorials.

19/04/2018 : Additional FAQ will be added over time.