Man And Drone – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page on the Man And Drone website. I get a lot of questions across all social medias but will list the most common questions below :

Q: Can I use some of your drone footage for my YouTube Channel, I’ll make sure I give you proper credit and links to your channel? 🙂

A: Hi, thanks for your interest I appreciate it, but you need to appreciate the time, effort and money I put in to create my work. I do not do freebies unless under rare circumstances. I do not allow other YouTubers to use my footage for their own personal gain unless it is through a paid license. Licenses start at $200 USD minimum and increase depending on use. Contact me for further information. Thanks – Man And Drone.

Q: Hi Man And Drone, can I use your drone footage for my own personal gain?

A: Under no circumstances can anyone use any of my footage without my expressed permission first. The use of any footage for personal gain, monetary and or otherwise is forbidden. Copyright infringement notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and International Copyright Act(s) will be served to anyone in breach of these terms and full legal proceedings taken thereafter if issue(s) not resolved.

Q: Dear Man And Drone we are a YouTube Partnership Programme and are really interested in your videos and think you would benefit from having us as a partner in order to get more views & subscribers for your videos. We’d be happy to discuss a potential partnership and how we could help support you and advise on technology and content creating.

A: Thanks but NO Thanks to any & all Partnership programmes. Additionally – I’m the one doing the advising if you took the time to watch any of my tutorials.

Q: Can you do a full edit tutorial to show how you make your videos?

A: Yes I will do a simplified version and will also release more tutorials that coincide with the overall editing process. I have about 10 good ones in mind which will be released in the coming months in 2018. Please just be subscribed on YouTube with bell notification to learn of when new videos drop.

10/02/2018 : Additional FAQ will be added over time.