New Zealand 25 Minute Drone EPIC

Best viewed on your TV in 4K, make sure picture profile is set at “cinematic” or similar and turn off “motion smoothing (video interpolation)” This is very important. If you’re having difficulties finding the menu on your TV simply google : ” Turn off motion smoothing [Your TV Make & Model No.] “.

DJI Inspire 2 Drone & Zenmuse X5s Camera (ProRes Footage)

This video features unseen footage coupled with familiar scenes but different time stamps. The idea here was to utilise all of my unused New Zealand footage and cut to some cinematic music. I thought I’d have an hours worth but turns out once cut to the music it’s only around 25-30 minutes without becoming too boring. I could drag it out over another couple of tracks but I think that would effect the overall quality.
I’ve tried my upmost not to reuse any of the epic shots from other videos, it is mostly similar locations with a different perspective or same shots with different time stamps. Can you spot the Phantom 4 Pro Drone flying around in some clips? I thought I’d leave it in as a bit of fun rather than try to mask it out (which takes a while).
I’ve left out any letter boxing for the YouTube version so those with TV’s can enjoy the full video capture.

It appears I’ve lost a couple of locations which is a shame. I have a feeling they’re on a different hard drive somewhere or I’ve accidentally deleted them. Nonetheless I’m still happy with the outcome.

Man And Drone Queenstown New Zealand Ben Lomond Summit

The Music

I’ve recently paid for an annual Musicbed license which allows me access to many highly talented artists that provide me with the cinematic template to cut to. Most of the tracks used I had bookmarked 1, 2 even 3 years ago, so it was a pleasure to finally be able to use them for this project.

Track-list In Order of Play

Jordan Critz – “Kingdom”
Jordan Critz – “Escape”
Dexter Britain – “Do You Feel It”
Generdyn – “From Nothing”
Tony Anderson – “The King”
Phillip Cuccias – “By Design Reprise”
Dexter Britain – “Raising”
U137 – “Watching The Storm”

Waipapa Point - New Zealand ( Man And Drone ) LOTR New Zealand Drone Shot ( Man And Drone )

Gear Used & Settings

Shot Over 5 months February 2017 – July 2017.
Shot using 2 DJI inspire 2 Drones with Zenmuse X5s Camera, 15 + 45mm Lenses. PolarPro ND Filters.
Most shots are in ProRes 4444XQ (no alpha) Rec.709 colour profile.
Some shots are in ProRes 442 HQ Rec 709. Most are in the first sequence also with a couple of 100/Mbit h.264.
Some shots are unfortunately in 100/Mbit h.264. The Van on the beach scenes and a couple of scenes in the outro sequence. (Classic DJI Firmware Bug for first Inspire 2 owners).
Some shots of the ProRess 4444XQ are in D-LOG, these are easy to spot you’ll notice more video noise.
I do not recommend D-LOG whatsoever when filming ProRes (Inspire 2) it is a waste of time having to remove the video noise, the standard Rec.709 is leagues better in my opinion and the colours are pretty darn accurate.
For some of my shots there was a problem with overly blue & purple hues shooting ProRes Rec.709 on the Inspire 2’s which I believe has been rectified in later firmwares. I’ve done my best to colour correct the errors. 

Removing Noise in After-Effects  Colour Correction in Lumetri for Adobe Premiere

Editing & Video Settings

Editor : Adobe Premiere CC 2019
Renderer : Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019
YouTube version sent as : 105 GB ProRes 422 10-Bit
I can’t create a 2:35:1 Vimeo version due to Vimeo’s paltry 5GB limit to ‘Plus’ members which was my original intention.
Editing was spaced out over a couple of weeks from December 2018 to January 2019 using the latest 2018 Macbook Pro Vega 20.
Uploaded over public Wifi 400/Mbit Sec.

Man And Drone in Glenorchy New Zealand Man And Drone With M.Vettas in Wanaka New Zealand, Windy as Heck.
Man And Drone in New Zealand
The entire trip & series was shot through a OnePlus 3 phone with a max brightness of about 400 nits, so many shots were done with guesswork or blind when the sun was too overpowering.

You can read in far more detail (if you haven’t already) about my 2017 New Zealand Trip HERE.

For more information on the gear I own, including editing and apparel see here :

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