Gear Haul with Michael Vettas

I had this idea to do a brief gear review whilst road-tripping in New Zealand just to give people the idea of what goes into making my drone movies. The original plan was to create a two part, the first one being camera gear specific and the second one regarding outdoor gear. Filming myself would be difficult and the shots would look pretty static so I asked Michael Vettas to collaborate and make things a bit more raw and realistic with the filming, I would film his gear review then he would film mine. Both were done last minute with only 2 hours to spare before sundown, just free-styling.. Best way to do it!
I had met Michael a week or two before in Queenstown, we both happened to be in New Zealand the same time shooting time-lapses and drone shots so it was an ideal time to do a gear collaboration.

The video was filmed back in May 2017. Most of the gear is still current with maybe one or two things sold or replaced.

Michael’s Version

Below is a full list of camera related gear that Michael and I own. The links are through each of our amazon affiliate accounts so if you need to purchase anything even if it’s not listed you can through any of the links and we make a small commission, basically like a tip for us except you don’t pay.. Amazon does. Big thanks in advance!


DJI Inspire 2 Drone + Camera + Licenses :
Spare DJI Inspire 2 :
DJI CineSSD 480GB :
DJI CineSSD Reader :
Olympus M.Zukio 45mm Lens :
Extra Inspire 2 Batteries :
F.Stop Lotus Backpack :
Pelican Storm Case IM2875 :
Polar Pro X5s ND Filters :
Sandisk 64GB Micro SD Card :
Nikon d750 (Time-lapses) :
Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 Lens (Time-lapses) :
Nikon 50mm 1.8G Lens :
Lee SW 150 FILTERS :
Sirui Ball Head :
Sirui N-2204X Tripod :
Zoom H5 4 Way Sound Recorder :
Rode Video Mic Pro R :
LaCie 4TB Raid HDD :
Seagate 2TB Back-ups :
Seagate Expansions :
Samsung T3 SSD Portables :
Western Digital Elements :
MacBook Pro 15” :
PowerBright 300Watt Inverter :
Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones :


3DR Solo Drone –
DJI Phantom 4 Pro –
GoPro Hero 4 Black –
GoPro Hero 5 Black –

Canon 1DX –
Canon 1DXII –
Canon 14 f2.8L –
Canon 24 f1.4L –
Canon 16-35 f2.8 III L –
Canon 16-35 f4L –
Canon 24-70 f2.8 IIL –
Canon 70-200 f2.8 IIL –
Canon 300 f2.8 IIL –
Canon 600 f4 IL –

RODE VideoMic Pro –
RODE VideoMicro –
RODE RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System –
RODE Stereo VideoMic –
LEE Filters 100 x 100mm Little Stopper –
LEE Foundation Kit –
Lee Filters 100 x 100mm Big Stopper –
Lee Filters 4×6 (100x150mm) –

Really Right Stuff TV34L –
Really Right Stuff BH55 –
Kessler Crane TLS –
Kessler Crane Second Shooter Plus –
ThinkTankPhoto Airport Helipak for Drone –
ThinkTankPhoto Airport Security v2 –
ThinkTankPhoto Airport Airstream –
ThinkTankPhoto Urban Disguise 70 –
MindshiftGear Rotation180 Professional 38L –
F-Stop Gear Tilopa –
Oakley Kitchen Sink Laptop Backpack –
Pelican Case 1560 –
Pelican Case 1610 –
Macbook Pro 15” :

At some point in the future I will also do a similar video for outdoor gear which is very important, especially in countries like New Zealand + Canada.

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